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Tecline Academy Calendar – is to here help finding your way to our training programs!

 Our calendar is your easy-to-use resource for staying informed about the dates and locations of our exclusive Tecline Training Programs.

Whether you’re looking to become an Authorized Service Technician, become a Tecline Equipment Advisor or fine-tune your competences with the practical Master Class for scuba professionals, keeping track of our calendar ensures you are always up to date with our upcoming training programs.

Why to visit Tecline Academy?
  • Expert-Led Training Programs: Benefit from the guidance of the industry experts who are dedicated to transfer their knowledge and experience and adapt it to your personal needs !

  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our training programs are designed to provide you with the modern and complementary knowledge, insights, techniques and useful tricks that will make you standing out in the scuba industry.

  • Global Recognition: Tecline Diving Equipment meets the most elevated standards in defined by scuba industry. Becoming expert about our top quality equipment places you on a peak of scuba equipment competences.

Upcoming Programs:
  1. Authorized Service Technician Training:
    Dive into the intricacies of scuba gear maintenance and repair with our comprehensive Authorized Service Technician Training. Become a certified expert in ensuring equipment safety and reliability.

  2. Master Class for Scuba Professionals:
    Elevate your scuba skills to the next level with our Master Class. Designed for professionals, this program covers advanced techniques, emergency procedures, and leadership skills for a truly immersive diving experience.

  3. Tecline Equipment Advisor Training:
    Explore the latest Tecline equipment and accessories in our Equipment Advisor Training. Equip yourself with in-depth product knowledge to assist divers in making informed gear choices.

How to Register:
  • Check Tecline Academy Calendar,
  • Select your desired program, date, and location,
  • Contact the trainer via e-mail to book your place!

Join us at Tecline Academy and unleash your potential to become a certified expert with Tecline’s renowned training programs.