for scuba diving instructors of any agency



tecline master class
tecline master class

Level 1: Single Tank Configuration

Level 2: Twinset Configuration

Level 3: Full Tech Configuration

tecline master class

3 guaranteed benefits of the Tecline Master Class are:

  1. Improved teaching efficiency: You will become a more effective educator.
  2. Increased student satisfaction: Your students will be more pleased with their learning experience.
  3. Authorization to provide Tecline-Training: You will gain the necessary materials and authorization to offer Tecline training (workshops).

Contact us: academy@teclinediving.eu

Why Tecline Master Class?

  • Scuba instructors very often feel some gaps in their equipment awareness – especially when applied into their work as diving educators.
  • Our training program designed specifically for diving professionals of all levels and training agencies.
  • Diving equipment tailored to support instructors and students effectively, providing maximum assistance during courses.
  • Proficiency in practical use of diving equipment while teaching, ensuring a seamless instructional experience.
  • Optimise your and your students’ configurations to provide maximum support and enhance the diving experience.
  • Three levels of mastery offered: Recreational (single tank), Twinset, Full Tech (twinset + multistage).
  • Intensive training program with underwater and over-water sessions, theory discussions, and knowledge verified in practical scenarios.
  • Refine essential skills such as position, buoyancy control, finning techniques, and equipment management in both – recreational and fully technical configurations.
  • Guaranteed benefits: Become a more efficient educator, increase student satisfaction, and gain authorization to provide Tecline training (workshops).


Tecline Master Class can take place in any place where we can access a classroom and water. Do you work in a dive center? This is the best place to organise our training. Our trainer can travel to your location to carry the class in your local conditions. 

Second option is running the class in our Tecline Academy in Warsaw, Poland. In this case the diving part we can execute in the deepest pool in Europe – Deepspot



Due to the pandemic emergency, you will spend the next few days at home with your families.
In these difficult moments we should remember to protect ourselves and our diving equipment.

In upcoming days we will not be able to enjoy our regular diving activities. If you have used your diving equipment recently, it is imperative that you subject it to proper disinfection.

This applies particularly to:

  • II nd stage regulators,
  • masks,
  • snorkels,
  • inflators,
  • SMB inflation outlets

All the above elements can be disinfected in a very simple way.


  1. Diving equipment should be immersed in ethyl alcohol (this may be rectified spirit) for 30 minutes. The alcohol may be diluted with boiled water (in room temperature) and/or hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended that the solution keeps minimum of 60% pure alcohol. Attention! Do not use ultrasonic cleaners for this disinfection. The alcohol can rinse out lubricants from important elements of the 2nd stage regulators.
  2. We would like to encourage you to prepare a homemade disinfectant recommended by the WHO (link). This liquid can be used for everyday use.The recipe for this disinfectant is as follows: – 100ml ethyl alcohol (spirit), – 15ml of hydrogen peroxide, – 5ml of glycerine or aloe vera gel, – 50ml of boiled water (in room temperature).


We all hope that the situation will improve quickly and allow us to go diving again – at least in local waters.
If it will be the case, we encourage you to temporarily modify the procedures which involve any contact with the saliva of other people.

  • During the buddy-checks, present the equipment functioning at distance
    (the partner observes but does not check the regulator by taking any test breaths).
  • Do not rent/borrow a diving mask without prior disinfection.
  • Resign from “out of gas” situation exercises.
  • In a real “out of gas” situation follow the normal safety procedures. After the safe ascent, pay attention to the equipment used by the receiver, do not reuse it and subject it to full disinfection as soon as possible.

We hope that the coronavirus pandemic will be stopped shortly.
Looking forward to meet you soon at our favourite diving spots!

Best regards

Tecline Team