Phil Short has been a dive industry professional for over 27 years, during which time he has logged over 6000 dives with over 3000 hours on Closed Circuit Rebreathers.

As an educator, Phil has trained scientific groups, including: US National Parks Service, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Archeologists of the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, Search and Rescue Teams, such as the UK Police Strathclyde Underwater Search team, and Media teams from the BBC.

Currently, he acts as a Dive Industry consultant for manufacturers such as VR Technology Ltd, Fourth Element, and is Training Director for IANTD UK.

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„I know that well-made,
reliable equipment can save your life”

For an Instructor Trainer, scientific diver and explorer – quality, well-made reliable equipment is quite simply ‚life support’.

I have worked with TecLine over the last few years, teaching CCR classes for their customers, presenting on product at dive shows and consulting on TecLine product and when offered the opportunity to work with TecLine in the design of a CCR specific wing/BC was excited at the prospect.

Through various prototype phases of development and design we arrived at the Tecline Donut 22 SE’ – RB version. The aim was to make a tough, functional, reliable and long lasting product that specifically met the needs of the Technical CCR Diver.

Many CCR have a lot of weight in the lower section with 1st stages and cylinder valves in this position and are buoyant in the upper section due to the counter-lung/lungs. Donut 22 SE Rebreather Wing was designed to offer a larger buoyancy chamber at the base and smaller at the top to specifically meet the trim requirements of CCR Diving. The fitting of the inflate mechanism and dump to rubber plates add strength and longevity to the design and, as with all Tecline product I have personally used to date, build quality and materials are exceptional.

Phil Short

about TecLine Donut 22 Special Edition – Rebreather Wings:

Donut 22 SE Rebreather Wing II
Donut 22 SE Rebreather II Wing (red)
Donut 22 SE Rebreather Wing

TecLine Donut 22 SE Rebreather Wing & JJ CCR in action: