In the springtime 2018 The Innerspace Explorers in cooperation with TecLine announce the ISE ECO CHELLANGE 2018.

The project aims to actively promote an active protection of the marine environment among all scuba divers around the World. 

The idea is simple – everyone can take action to clean up our oceans…

500 sponsored “ECO-BAGS” (such as this one from the pictures above) were distributed around the to divers who enrolled for the contest on the ECO CHELLANGE Facebok page.

All participants  had to bring out as much garbage as possible from their dive-spots .

Each participant was supposed to document the amount of gathered thrash and report it to the project’s coordinators.

Those who documented the biggest amounts of garbage taken out of water until the end of 2018 will be rewarded with different prizes (including TecLine regulator, discounts on ISE courses and more…).

2 Place - Daniel Overbramberger, Austria. Prize : Alien Light
1st Place - Arek Drężek, Poland. Prize: TecLine Side16 Avenger
3rd Place - Tomasz Wciórka, Poland. Prize: TecLine R2 ICE Regulator

This simple gesture to draw the attention of both : scuba divers and non-divers about human’s every-day impact on our waters.

We all know that there is much more work to do.

However, we believe that everyone of us counts – by such small, everyday actions we can give example and slowly reverse the negative impact that we, as people had on our Planet.

The good news is that the ECO CHELLANGE will be re-launched 2019. 

If you would like to contribute to the action please follow TecLine Academy – so you can get the information when the project starts.

In behalf of the underwater marine life we would like to thank the main coordinator of the whole project: Alain Dobbelaere – Project Coordinator 

(…) the main goal is to make all divers aware of the garbage that is floating around. We can do something about it – just take an ISE ECO BAG with you every dive and  just take with you what you see at the moment. (…) Our final goal is making everyone protectors of our nature !!

Vicepresident Innerpsace Explorers


And of course many thanks to all ECO-DIVERS who took a part in the contest. Thank you for your active contribution !


Article by:
BarTek Trzcinski