Sometimes, some minor changes can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your dives.

On the way to perfection, it is crucial to realise the main causes of our imperfect in-water position. Just a few, simple equipment adjustments can easily fix it.

One of the most common, hidden obstacles to achieve a good trim in a single tank configuration is the head tilted down…

stress factor in a single tank configuration

In many cases it is not your fault – it might be your equipment adjustments!

In a single tank configuration your tank valve together with the regulator is located right behind your head. If the tank is fixed relatively high, then obviously you have no convenient way to lift up your head !

The solution is simple = adjust your setup to get more comfortable position :

  1. Lower the tank on your back so the first stage of your regulator is not just behind your head (avoid collisions with hoses and first stages). If it will affect your weights distribution you can compensate it with trim-pockets attached to your tank bands.
  2. Configure your first stage in the way that allows to route your regulator hoses as streamlined as possible – no randomly located outlets, no hoses sticking out towards your head.
  3. Shorten your crotch strap to make your BC firmly settled on your back.
    It will stabilise your gear when diving, and help you get higher position on the surface.
    You do not have a crotch strap? Find a way to put one on your set. It is easy to attach to almost ANY TYPE OF BCD:
suggested improvements in the single tank configuration

If you are interested in the perfect configurations you must see the TecLine Peanut Asymmetric – the first asymmetric BC designed for single tank configuration.