Scope of delivery

The TECLINE COMFORT HARNESS, as well as LADY COMFORT HARNESS are delivered in complete sets, ready for assembly:

Unlike a standard, DIR Harness, the comfort harness consists of:
3 main belts + crotch strap. 

These parts are assembled as follows :


Comfort Harness Standard
Comfort Harness Lady Edition

Step 1 - Shoulder Belt​

  • First, insert the belt part with the grommet from the back side of the plate through the left and right angular slots.
  • The grommet must remain centred over the backplate hole.

Step 2 - Right Shoulder Pad

• Hold the right shoulder pad in front of the backplate, so the Tecline logo faces away from it.

• Lead the right part of the shoulder belt through the top flap in the shoulder pad and then back through the upper horizontal slot in the backplate.

• Flip the right part of the shoulder belt forward, and lead it through the second flap in the shoulder pad.

  • Below the TecLine logo, there are 3 more flaps in the shoulder pad.
    Lead the right part of the shoulder belt through the first flap.
  • Install a bent D-ring above the
    middle flap.
  • Run the shoulder belt through the
    third flap.

Step 3 - Right Pull Ring

  • Lead the belt up through the moving part of the pull ring and then through the pull ring itself.
  • Fold the belt back through the shoulder pad, the way it came down (through the third flap, through the D-ring and through the first flap).
  • You might need to use a pair of pliers to pull the belt through the Dring again.
  • Finally, hide the belt end under the
    flap with the Tecline logo.

Step 4 - Pull Belt

  • Turn the belt, so the seam faces
  • Lead the end of the pull belt upwards through the pull ring, over
    the cross strut.
  • Then, lead the belt end downwards
    through the moving part of the pull
  • Install the two rubber pieces to
    support a backup lamp.
  • Route the belt end through the inner
    backplate slot at the bottom.
  • On the back side, fix the belt with a
    tri-glide and lead it through the
    outer slot.

Step 5 - Left Shoulder Pad

  • Mount the shoulder pad on the left shoulder belt, as described in step 2.

  • Lead the belt through the second flap, and install the inflator bungee.
  • Install the angular D-ring, the pullring and the pull belt like on the right side.
  • Place two rubber pieces on the pull belt.
  • Route the pull belt through the slots at the bottom (with fixation).
  • Put the movable Dring in a desired place.
  • Secure the buckle.

Step 6 - Crotch Strap

  • The remaining rubber band should be placed on the belt.
  • Lead the belt end upwards through the horizontal slot at the bottom of the backplate (from back to front).
  • Run the belt end through the rubber piece, through the backside D-ring and back through the rubber piece.

Step 7 - Personalization

Adjust the harness to the diver, by pulling the left and right belt through the tri-glides on the back.

Should the belt be too long, you may cut it to length. In this case, be sure to melt the cut belt edge with a lighter, in order to avoid fraying.

You may also fold back the overlapping belt end to the left and secure this end to the belt with a bungee.