During a night time underwater photography session, I got distracted and ended up staying quite a bit behind the group.

The current was fairly strong and my photographic equipment was as unwieldy as ever.

I wanted to let the group know that I fell behind. It was not that easy as it sounds…


My camera lights created a wide beam of light, allowing for pretty decent short-distance pictures. Not strong enough to pass the message.

I shook my photo equipment to get their attention, immediately struck by the grotesque ineffectiveness of this signal.

After clipping  my camera to a D-ring I reached for my compact backup light. Fortunately, after a couple of strong kicks I caught the attention of one of my teammates.

A question lingered in my mind: how to reconcile photography and filming with communication?


Solution arrived in mail: Teclight, the newest Tecline flashlight — sent to me for testing.

The flashlight has three operating modes: communication (6° with soft halo), video (120°) and combined. Switching modes is done by a brief button press; to turn it off just hold the button a bit longer — the light will go out immediately.

Thanks to its low weight (1kg including the battery) it will be a great choice for long journeys. Most importantly, the 75 Wh rechargeable battery is commonly accepted by all airlines as hand luggage.

Video mode allows you to record and take pictures while avoiding the burn effect, even at short distances. This dive light is worth recommending to any underwater photo-amateur equipped with a sports camera. Both the hybrid and communication modes provide good lightning for sightseeing and ensure efficient communication.

There are many dangers awaiting a photo-amateur diver. Trying to capture the perfect shot can be difficult to reconcile with the necessity of monitoring diving parameters. Factoring in the required communication with your diving partner as well as the rest of the group greatly increases the difficulty. The matter is further complicated in the dark.

Tecline with their Teclight product has significantly improved the safety and comfort of photo-amateur divers. With this dive light, most underwater filmmakers will not need additional light sources (not counting the backup flashlight, of course).


Przemysław Jocz

First completed diving course (2008) in the National Defense League (3rd class diver). He has been diving intensively since 2015. Current diving certificates: SSI AOWD (Deep, Dry Suit, Nitrox, Science), SSI Gas Blender Nitrox/Trimix, cylinders filling qualifications: Office of Technical Inspection. Volunteer Firefighter. Co-organizer and participant of ecological actions, volunteer of W.O.Ś.P. Author of one book, co-author of two.  His wife Anna is a technical diver and diving partner.