Another rocky column protruding from the seabed near the equator – to the east of the southernmost part of the Kawe Island.

In the middle of the reef we find a corridor with descending and ascending currents. The way down brings to mind the flight between the rocky mountains made by the heroine of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Going back up is very similar to riding an escalator in a shopping mall.

Going up and down – down and up several times is really pleasant – especially if you have an optimal equipment configuration – without anything sticking out. A bolder lean out of the area protected by the rocks could mean having your regulator ripped from your mouth.

In those conditions, trembling of the short regulator hose, used in recreational configurations is particularly cumbersome. People diving with Tecline V1 Ice Regulators in Semi-Tec configuration do not suffer this inconvenience – the silhouette is more streamlined and the first stage hoses are arranged more comfortably and organically.


At 15 meters right at the end of the chasm there is a comfortable ledge from which – just like from a theatrical balcony – you can admire the performance. A family of Napoleon wrasses appears on the stage, an unruly child is constantly trying to expose himself to the strong current, his father nudging the young man to get behind a rock where they are not threatened by the force of nature. Tuna fish swim by, hunting for smaller fish.

I feel glad I put on the evaluation Tecline mask for this dive – it provides comfort and an excellent field of view. I really enjoyed incredibly soft, flexible and slightly matte silicone.  The long and springy “skirt” under the nose allows you to easily change regulators and move them in your teeth without any leakage. You can freely make faces – nothing leaks – perfect for people with a big round face.

What is very important on distant trips – where access to spare parts is difficult – plastic fasteners and buckles have been eliminated in the design. The manufacturer used extremely simple, metallic elements allowing for precise adjustments of the belt – it works efficiently, is very practical and there is no chance it can break or rupture.

After leaning from the “balcony” we get into a hurricane current. We swim away from the rock at the speed of a rifle bullet. Further into the depths it was much calmer – unless it was the lack of a point of reference that caused the illusion of lowered speed.


Przemysław Jocz

First completed diving course (2008) in the National Defense League (3rd class diver). He has been diving intensively since 2015. Current diving certificates: SSI AOWD (Deep, Dry Suit, Nitrox, Science), SSI Gas Blender Nitrox/Trimix, cylinders filling qualifications: Office of Technical Inspection. Volunteer Firefighter. Co-organizer and participant of ecological actions, volunteer of W.O.Ś.P. Author of one book, co-author of two.  His wife Anna is a technical diver and diving partner.